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How do I create an account with

To create a account, you will need: a valid email address, and a working phone number. We will also ask you to create a password.

Enter your email and confirm it

Select “create an account” and enter your email address where indicated. Then check your email account for a message from us. Within the email is a link. Clicking the link will send you back to with your email confirmed.

Enter your password

Next, you will create a strong password. Use the password strength meter on the screen as a guide. Passwords must be at least 8 characters, but otherwise there are no restrictions. You can even enter spaces in between words to get to 8 characters.

Enter your phone number and confirm it

Next, you will enter a phone number at which you can get calls or SMS messages. If you have a landline, please ask for a security code by a phone call. We will send a unique security code to that phone number each time you sign into your account. This is called two-factor authentication. The second step keeps your account more secure than using only a password.

Each security code expires after 5 minutes and can only be used once. If you don’t enter the security code within 5 minutes, just request a new code. Each code is only good once, so no one can steal one you’ve already used.

Type the security code into the field. That’s it! You have just taken an important step to keep yourself and your government safe. Every time you sign back into your account, you will receive a new security code that you need to enter. You’ll get the option each time you sign in to get a security code by a phone call or by SMS.

Save your personal key

After you’ve created your account, you will get a personal key, which is a set of 16 random characters. Make a note of them and store the note separately from your phone. If you forget your password or don’t have your phone, you can enter the personal key to access your services or applications.