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Two-factor authentication uses two-factor authentication (2FA) to keep accounts secure. This means that, each time you sign in, you must use something you know and something you have. This makes your account safer by making it much harder for others to break into it.

  1. The ‘something you know’ is your password. We’ll ask you to create a strong password (at least 12 characters long) when you create your account.

  2. The ‘something you have’ is your two-factor authentication method. You’ll be able to choose between the following options when you create your account.

    • Phone: Get security codes by text message (SMS) or phone call
    • Authentication app: Get codes from an app on your phone, computer, or tablet
    • Security key: Use a security key that you have. It’s a physical device that you plug in or that is built in to your computer or phone (it often looks like a USB flash drive).
    • Government employee ID: Insert your government or military PIV or CAC card and enter your PIN
    • Backup codes: We’ll give you 10 codes to use and keep in a safe place. You can use backup codes as your only authentication method, if you don’t have any of the other options.

We’ll ask you to set up at least two different two-factor authentication methods for your account. You won’t have to use both every time you sign in, but it helps make sure you don’t lose access to your account (for example, if you lose your phone and need to change your phone number).

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Phone didn’t get a security code
No phone or other authentication method