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How do I protect my account with a security key?

To set up a security key with your account, you must first have a security key that supports the FIDO standard. If you don’t currently have a account, you will be given the option to secure your account using a security key during account creation. Once you have confirmed your email address and created your password, select “Security key” and follow the instructions to give your key a nickname, connect the key to register it.

If you already have a account, you can add your security key by signing into your account. Go to and click “manage account.” Sign in and select “Add hardware security key.” You will be prompted to give your security key a nickname, connect it, and press the button to register.

Each time you sign in to, we will ask you to use your security key. If you do not have your security key, you can also use any other authentication methods you have enabled. We recommend enabling multiple security keys and/or other two-factor methods so you don’t get locked out of your account.