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About us

Our mission

The public’s one account for government. provides a simple, secure and private way for the public to access government websites. With one account and password, users can securely sign in to participating government websites and securely verify their identity.

When it comes to logging in to government websites, agencies trust to help protect their users’ information and the public trusts to streamline their sign in process. Using eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and usernames each time you access participating government websites.

Our vision

The public is able to simply, securely and privately log in to participating government websites and applications.

About was a General Services Administration 18F innovation project in partnership with the United States Digital Services (USDS). This shared-service, made possible through a Trusted Identities Group (National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace) grant, is a result of cross-agency collaboration that sought to develop secure, user-friendly ways for the public to access government websites. (Source)

Under the Obama administration, government agencies were tasked to find user friendly, secure and efficient digital solutions. In May 2016, the administration issued an executive memo to government agencies encouraging the use of shared services. This order meant more agencies would use the same tools and technology for administrative services - such as secure sign-in (authentication). Shared technology leads to more consistent security practices across all agencies and eases the burden on users by reducing the number of accounts and passwords users’ need to access government websites. is a result of that call to action.

The team partnered with the United States Digital Service (USDS) and 18F to build on successful code already in place at the MyUSCIS website - a website that created a secure experience for users who needed green card services. The team also researched and applied lessons from customers and employees of other projects, such as, that were not successful in meeting user needs. After much research and collaboration, launched in 2017 as a trusted, shared service for government agencies that adhered to the highest standards of security, privacy and user experience. 

This digital service is made possible by the Federal Cybersecurity Requirements mandate (6 USC § 1523 — Federal cybersecurity requirements, part (b)(1)(D)).

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