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System for Award Management (SAM) is for secure sign in only. Your account does not affect or have any information about your System for Award Management (SAM) account, application, status, membership, or eligibility.

Please do not send sensitive data about yourself or SAM application. can only answer questions about the sign-in process and creating a account.

Please contact directly if you have questions regarding:

  • Application registration, eligibility, status or changes
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Entity registration status
  • Or other related concerns

To make changes to your account profile, you will need to sign in at

Contact the Federal Service Desk at 866-606-8220 (toll-free) or 334-206-7828 (internationally) for assistance, or submit your request via web form at

Important notes for creating your account and accessing your SAM profile:

  • If you already have a SAM account, use the same email you used for your SAM account to create your account

    • If you use the same email to create your profile, you will keep all of your records, data access requests, and saved searches.
    • If you use a new email address, nothing will happen to your profile, but you will be unable to access your SAM profile information.
  • If you already have a account and want to add your SAM email, you can do so on the My Account page. Select the sign in button on the homepage to access that account page.

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